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Brief Introduction of Fujian archives
Fujian provincial archives founded on October 1st, 1959, is directly surbordinate to the Fujian Provincial Party Commitee,Fujian Provincial government, and it is also appraised as the national first level archive and provincial patriotism education base. Our main function includes collectting and keeping the files of provincial party committee,provincial government and its directly- surbordinate institutions , and providing reference service to the public. It’s a intergration public archives with five sociel service funtions :safe preserving base for archives, files and government information access center, electronic documents and digital archives center, patriotism education base, academic and cultural leisure place .
Lying beside the bank of Wulong River at the foot of moutain Qi,Fujian Provincial Archives is located at the Co-shared University Community of New Compus in Fuzhou, east to Juyuanzhou Bridge, south adjacent to Fuzhou western coach station. The building covers an area of 2.67 hectares with floor area reaching more than 40,000 square meters.The modelling is dignified and elegant, mixing with the Fujian traditional dwellings square Tulou Building style and classical Chinese culture of " pavilion" element.Its appearance makes use of the interphase of Fujian Danxia landform of red clay plate,glass and aluminium alloy frame structure, makes it reflect both rich cultural connotation and modern style.

The collection of Fujian archives is quite rich, which could be proved by more than 750,000 rolls (pieces, volumes),including various categories and file materials, in total by the end of 2012,with 7000 meters in length, spanning more than 400 years time period. Those tiles are composed with four main parts: the first part is the Ming and Qing dynasties files, 140 pieces; the second part is the Republic of China archives(1912-1949) ,177,893 volumes files and 107,972 peices;the third part is Revolutionary History files(1921-1949), 1,491 volumes and 1,359 pieces; The fourth part is the archives preserved after the establishment of the People's Republic(1949), 294,773 volumes and 12,195 pieces in total. Besides, therer are more than 120,000 volumes deposit files, and more than 40,000 pieces government public information files. These files considered as precious cultural heritage,factually recorded political, economic, social, cultural and other various aspects of the situation of Fujian province during each historical period since the Ming and Qing dynasty.Among them, Fujian Qiaopi archives was selected for "the Asia-Pacific Region of Memory of the World List” of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in 2012.
Our public reading sector inculding the archives reference hall, government information reference hall, electronic files reference hall, visaul reading room, etc,reaches 3000 square meters, capable of holding 100 people at the same time. The total area of the exhibition sector reaches more than 4,000 square meters and there are three academic lecture halls which can hold 300 people, 100 people and 50 people seperately.All the facilities provide excellent conditions for file reference service, patriotism education and academic communication. The archive repository, total area of nearly 14,000 square meters,equipped with three secrurity systems :temperature and humidity automatic monitoring system, file security monitoring system and archive fire alarm and high pressure water mist sprinkler system ,and other facilities for constant temperature and humidity, low temperature frozen insects, vacuum nitrogen disinfection, in order to ensure the safety of the archivalcollection. And furthermore, simulation copy studio, reinforement studios and audio/visual studio are necessary devices for archival management.
In addition, Fujian Provincial Archives devolops and builds up three databases:the archival catalogue database, important archive full-text database and multimedia database,and digitalize exceeding 480,000 pieces of archival catalogue of the Republic of China, more than 1.74 million pieces of archival catalogue of PRC ,and more than 5.71 million pictures of full-text file.Since its foundation in 2001,the Fujian Archives had released more than 20,000 pieces of file information, 300,000 pieces of file data, 80 special archives topics. So far, the total page viewer had reached more than 1,500,000 times.